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please don't let it rain on me cause i ain't got no shelter from this storm

Olaf: Put yourself in a National Guardsmen's place. You see some white people gathering beer, and some black people looting bread. Who are you going to point your gun at?
Anon: Well, obviously. (lowered voice) Those people are notorious for crime! </voice> Statistics and research show it.

Anon: I don't understand why hurricanes can't happen in the Middle East. Why does it have to happen to the good people of Louisiana?

And now Hannity & Colmes is on. Bliss.

So I finished V. I read about 150 pages of it when I was in New York. I love that the first mention of pot in the book came when I was stoned in Central Park. Now I'm in school, and I'm reading the Upanishads, the Dhammapada, Locke's Second Treatise on Gubmint, and some crap about politics in Europe.

For fun, I'm reading Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis. Each chapter expounds on an incident such as Burr and Hamilton's "interview" from a personal perspective. I bet Sully has already read it, but maybe I'll give it to him sometime.

Intermediate German I, Non-Western and Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy and Gender, Political Institutions and Behavior in Western Europe, and Public Administration. My German teacher is one hot, aryan Fräulein. It's my first time in a language class where Englisch ist verboten, and I think I am handling it reasonably well so far. I can't really compose sentences that don't sound like they come from a retarded German kid, but I can sort of understand what Lili is talking about. We haven't hardly talked about gender in P & G yet but it is cool. We're reading the Communist Manifesto (UGH!) and John Locke (YAY) for that class. I remember some ultra-conservative list of the most harmful books ever published, and the Communist Manifesto was #1. I thought that was absurd at the time, but sitting here reading Locke and thinking about the Enlightenment and the course of history, yeah... Communism is a big step backwards which is still too strong an influence on the world. We're reading Animal Farm for PA, which I have read before (naturally) but I am taking this opportunity to pick up Ralph Steadman's illustrated version.
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My PA professor is cool, we basically are just talking about the hurricane, since it's a particularly salient issue, and that's great because it's the only class I have this semester where we get that kind of open current events discussion.

So now they're showing dogs being rescued on Fox News. This is why Fox is allowed past the guards, and other people with press passes aren't. My roommate says it brings a tear to his eye. It brings a tear to my eye that he's eating up that sentimental bullshit. So far, the best commentary I have seen on Katrina is www.somethingawful.com . I hope I'm not some sort of SA fanboy, but Lowtax fucking knows the score. I am ashamed of my country's government in a universal way right now. Republicans, democrats, opportunists, it doesn't matter; they're all guilty in this situation. In a magical world where justice is actually served most of these people would not have jobs in a month or two. Instead the people without jobs will be the millions who have lost everything and found their government with its back turned. Remember that people are still dying because of this incompetence. Remember that when each and every one of these fools appears on TV for a photo op or complains about "placing blame later," because placing blame now is the only hope America has to change the situation.



And I'm pissed about the Paypal thing (they prevented SA from donating money for Katrina relief, after they raised $30,000 in <9 hours), yet I'm still using it because there's no alternative for buying Hunter S. Thompson shwag on eBay and strange drugs from Canada. Which is really another reason not to use their service. Quite a Catch-22.

Oh yeah, and I can't go back to work at the library because this year I don't have work study as part of my financial aid, due to bad luck and my junior status apparently. Judy says it happens every year, once kids have learned the job and can move up in it, they are stolen away. I'm going to miss working there and having Judy for a boss. She was about the coolest person who has ever told me what to do. She was totally understanding when I came in drunk and high, because I got the job done, she was cool to talk politics with, and she was amused by the weird articles I came across, especially those wacky, musty pre-1960 journals from the basement.
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